Quiet moments in your day to reflect and focus your thoughts. Meditations published here will help you to do just that. Some will be for personal use while others may be more suitable for public worship.

In the courtyard at Caulke Abbey the tables were laid out as if for summer. The trees were still winter-dark as the visitors teased the warmth from the March sun and sipped their tea. Not a flower in sight, yet there was this sense, this expectation, that Spring was arriving and would soon burst forth.

This meditative prose by David Stolton tells God's story from Creation to Pentecost through the Spirit's eyes. It is designed to be read aloud, possibly with images and would last around 7 to 8 minutes, or perhaps might just be read for private reflection.

In memory of those lost in Norway and to show that we stand with them in their sorrow, a colleague, Arend van Teutem, said that words were not enough. He has written a piece of music which can be downloaded from the Solidarity page on his website. Please feel free to use this music to help your prayers and meditational thoughts.


Find yourself a comfy chair, with your Bible.

Open your Bible and read aloud a story such as The entry into Jerusalem or The road to Emmaus, the parable of The Prodigal Son, The Raising of Lazarus ... any of the 'people' stories.