angel candle 2010

Have you seen The Nativity? – not the one at your local church with children wearing tea-towel head-dresses, but the one on TV?

I urge you to buy this amazing piece of work. Tony Jordan, the writer of The Nativity, admitted to being brought to tears on more than one occasion when researching and putting the work together.

Organise a showing at your church and bring Christmas alive. Why not do this and ask for donations as an ArtServe fundraiser? Please ensure you have the correct licence to show a film publicly - relevant information is on the CCLI website.

This DVD is available through Bible Society Resources where you can also find free downloadable resources for schools and churches. I understand the Bible Society have negotiated a licence for churches to show this (if no entrance is charged) but please do check this out for yourself.

Let us know what you did and share your ideas on the site. Have you used the DVD, did it inspire you to be creative in your worship? Do let us know.

Jacqui Hicks