diakonia_hiv_children_detail2.jpgIn March 2013, ArtServe director Rob Newton went to Chennai, South India, for the Methodist Church in Britain to assist musicians and songwriters to write songs in English for Indian churches on the faith response to social issues affecting South India.

Several songs are being produced in English and local Indian dialects on issues that include: the treatment of women; small agricultural works; the Dalits; the nuclear power station at Koolankulaam and its effect on fisher-folk; and children born with HIV. An album and DVD are being produced and a multi-sensory presentation evening should be on tour autumn 2013.

A fuller account of Rob's visit appears in issue six of ArtServe magazine.

If you are interesting in hosting an evening of live music, sights, smells, and tastes of South India please contact Rob Newton on 07708 856978 or by email.

Rob's video about children with HIV