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Jacqui Hicks reviews a new book from Wild Goose Publications

Step Gently in the World and take look at the new book by Sally Foster-Fulton, which contains 130 pages of resources for Holy Week following the journey of Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. A selection of reflections, meditations, liturgy, prayers, drama, worship and more – a beautifully crafted mix to take us through Holy Week giving us 'space to consider where the journey with Jesus might lead us …'.

This is done in such a gentle moving way that you will want to keep reading. (I started to skim through intending to finish quickly and write this review but I was drawn in, the words slowing me down, making me take the time to really look and think and understand.) Yes gently done, but so powerful at the same time taking us in our own lives from the early part of the week in darkness and betrayal through to resurrection and hope. Words to give us visions of times past and understanding of how they are relevant today, these ideas colouring the week with images to help us see Easter today; drama cleverly put together to take us to places outside the box, helping us to look afresh at well-known stories and much loved characters.

Holy Week of 2000 years ago is brought alive again through accessible language, for churches to use in worship, for groups to use on reflective days and also for personal use. You will not wish to rush this book; it is very aptly titled and it will indeed help you to Step Gently in the World.

There are many Easter resources but this one stands out for me.

Sally Foster-Fulton is convener of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland, and an occasional guest on BBC Radio and Television.

Step Gently in the World is published by Wild Goose Publications, the publishing house of the Iona Community. ISBN  978-1-84952-327-1