Find yourself a comfy chair, with your Bible.

Open your Bible and read aloud a story such as The entry into Jerusalem or The road to Emmaus, the parable of The Prodigal Son, The Raising of Lazarus ... any of the 'people' stories.

Re-read the story of your choice and then sit quietly and think yourself into that story...what can you see, hear, smell, touch? Who is there, who are you with? Or are you alone? Is Jesus there? Don't rush these thoughts, take your time with each one and have a good look around.

Sit quietly with each of  these thoughts.

Does Jesus comes toward you? Does he notice you and smile? Does he speak? What does he say to you? Do you answer?

Sit quietly with each of these thoughts and eventually, slowly, come back to yourself in your room in your comfy chair.

Jacqui Hicks