This slow, prayerful song by Rob Newton was written for both personal and corporate worship around the Easter theme. Hung from a tree describes the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the hope that is our salvation thorough his blood and the promise of life eternal.

Hung from a tree for you,
Laid down His life for you,
Created life from death.
Love and protects you,
Carries and cares for you,
Created life with His breath.
My God, My God, My God, Hold me close.

Hears every prayer from you,
Knows every depth of you,
Know that His word is true.
Deep in your heart for love,
Answering prayers with love,
Know that His word is for you.
My God, My God, My God, Hold me close.

Your tears He'll wipe away,
Bring back the light of day,
Blood that was shed for our pain.
Died for our sin to pay,
Washes them clean away,
Blood that removes every stain.
My God, My God, My God, Hold me close.

Rob Newton
Copyright © 2000 dpmrob music

This track is on Rob's latest 2018 album Vertical Solo available everywhere on line including Spotify