This page answers questions that members are likely to have about subscriptions. If you have a question that isn't answered here please email ArtServe membership and ask.


Why is an annual subscription necessary?

Members' subscriptions are by far our largest source of income. ArtServe receives no grants or subsidies.

When are subscriptions due?

Our financial year runs from 1 September to 31 August. Subscriptions are due on 1 September each year and should be paid by 30 November at the latest. We send members a subscription request in September each year and there is no need to pay until you receive it.

If you pay by annual standing order your payment should preferably be made in September, or of course by 30 November at the latest. Existing members whose standing orders pay later in the year are encouraged to reschedule their payments for September.

What happens if I don't pay by 30 November?

For existing members, if we don't receive your payment by 30 November then your membership will lapse. You won't receive any more magazines or email newsletters and you will no longer be able to log in to this website. If you want to cancel your membership, please let us know rather than just letting it lapse for non-payment. We also appreciate members letting us know why they are cancelling.

If I join part way through the year, can my subscription be pro-rated?

To keep things simple we do not have a part-year subscription. Instead, if you join during the period April to August we will treat your subscription as applying to the following year, and so you will receive up to 17 months membership for the price of 12.

This special offer applies to new members only, and not to anyone whose membership has lapsed and is rejoining. Whenever you join, we will send you any back issues of the magazine for the current year (subject to availability).

Is there a concessionary rate?

A concessionary rate of £15 used to be available to personal members but has been discontinued. Existing members who have been paying the lower rate may continue to do so.

My membership seems to have lapsed – can it be reinstated?

If your membership has lapsed for non-payment please contact ArtServe membership and let us know what you want to do. We will be only too pleased to reinstate your membership as soon as we receive your subscription payment.

As your membership has lapsed you won't be able to log in to pay online: if you particularly wish to pay online using PayPal you can make your payment as a one-off donation (let us know that you have done this).

There is no need to complete a new membership application if your membership lapsed within the last year or so.

How much does corporate membership cost?

The minimum annual subscription for corporate members is also £25. 

What happens if more than one member of a household joins?

ArtServe does not have a separate category of membership for multi-member households. We require only one full subscription (£25) per household but for each additional member at the same address we ask for an additional payment of at least £5 per year.

We send only one copy of the magazine per household but each individual member has full membership rights (including voting rights) and can log in to this website providing they have their own email address.

If one member of the household has signed a Gift Aid declaration then payment should be made by that person (or else from joint funds). ArtServe can only claim Gift Aid in the name of a member who has signed a declaration. For Gift Aid purposes the whole payment can be regarded as that individual's subscription.

Can I make a donation over and above the subscription amount?

Yes! – many members give more than the basic subscription and this additional financial support is most welcome. Your entire payment qualifies for Gift Aid if appropriate.

Do subscriptions qualify for Gift Aid?

If you are a UK taxpayer, under current HMRC rules all payments, whether subscriptions or additional donations, qualify for Gift Aid.

If you are a new member you can Gift Aid your subscription when you complete the application form. If you are an existing member and you haven't already signed an ArtServe Gift Aid declaration you can do so online. Either way, this will be an enduring declaration covering all future subscription payments. You can cancel your declaration at any time, for example if you cease to be a taxpayer.

Online Gift Aid declaration – for existing members (log in first)

Can I pay for more than one year at a time?

If you specifically wish to pay for more than one year please make that absolutely clear, otherwise any amount over and above £25 will be treated as an additional donation for the current year.

How can I pay?

You can pay online (by debit/credit card or by using your PayPal account), by direct bank transfer (including by standing order), or by cheque. For further details please see Becoming a member (new members) or Renewing your membership (existing members).

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