ArtServe is a membership organisation. We invite you to join us, whether you are an arts practitioner, or whether you are simply interested in what we do and want to support us.

Should I join ArtServe?

We think you should consider joining ArtServe if you answer can yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you have an interest in using creative arts in worship – for example as a preacher or worship leader?
  • As a musician, visual artist, actor, dancer or creative writer, do you use your gifts in worship?
  • If not, would you like to be enabled to do so?
  • Could you contribute expertise to help develop ArtServe?
  • Do you exhibit, perform or lead workshops?

Join ArtServe now …Magazine cover

Our subscription year starts in September and your £25 subscription covers the period up to 31 August 2020. When you join we will send you the current year's magazines and other recent back numbers as available.

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What are the benefits?

As a member of ArtServe:

  • You receive our magazine
  • You have access to the members area of the website
  • You can join our closed group on Facebook
  • You will receive our email newsletter (from which you can of course subsequently unsubscribe).

But perhaps more importantly you will be contributing to the fellowship and support of those who use their artistic gifts to enrich worship and reach out to those who may not yet know Christ.

How much does it cost?

ArtServe's annual subscription is £25.00. The subscription year runs from 1 September to 31 August. For more information please see subscription FAQs.

ArtServe is a company limited by guarantee. In the unlikely event of ArtServe being wound up with outstanding debts its members would be liable for £1.00 each.

Join online

Joining online is simple and secure. Payment is via PayPal. You will be registered on the website and be able to login straight away. See below for paying by direct bank transfer.

Paying by cheque

If you prefer to pay by cheque please download a membership form. If you would like to set up a standing order then please download a standing order form as well.

These forms can be printed for anyone who doesn't have internet access or doesn't wish to use online payment. If you have any difficulty reproducing the forms please email .

Paying by direct bank transfer

You are welcome to make your initial payment via online banking. Please make sure that we can identify your payment correctly: it helps if you notify us about the payment. Optionally, email in advance and ask for a membership reference to be allocated, then use this as your payment reference (this is particularly helpful if you are setting up a regular payment/standing order).

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