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Festival 2020 logoPaying by cheque
The easiest way is to complete this online form and then post your cheque. If you prefer you can download a form and send that with your cheque.

Paying by direct bank transfer
Complete this form and arrange your payment. We will confirm your booking when we receive your payment.

Paying your deposit by debit or credit card
Complete this form, then use the PayPal button on the 'thank you' screen.

Booking for somebody else?
Enter their details rather than your own, and use the space at the end of the form for any explanation. If they aren't a member, you must confirm that they consent to ArtServe holding their personal information.

Booking for more than one person?
Please submit a form for each individual. You can make a single payment to cover all your bookings.

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A discount is available to ArtServe members – £15 for residential bookings, or £5 per day for day visitors.

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For details of family and group discounts please phone the festival organiser on 020 8467 5985.
We regret that ArtServe is not able to offer baby-sitting or childcare.

We require a non-refundable deposit of £50 per person (£20 for day visitors and children aged 5-19).
The balance is payable by 15 September 2020.

How do you expect to pay your deposit? Payment instructions will appear according to your choice. It doesn't matter if you change your mind so long as the money arrives! We won't confirm your booking until your payment is received.

How are you making your initial payment?

Make your cheque payable to ArtServe and send it to:
Michael Boxall, ArtServe membership, 51 Blakehall Road, Carshalton, SM5 3EZ

Please confirm your payment amount below.

Please make your payment to Christian Creativity Ltd, account no. 71872907 sort code 40-07-13.

For the payment reference please quote 'Festival' (members, please use your membership reference).

If you need information relating to the Confirmation of Payee arrangements that the banks are introducing, please see Paying by direct bank transfer (opens in a new tab).

Please confirm your payment amount below.

You can pay one or more deposits using PayPal. In the box below, please confirm the amount you intend to pay, which must be a multiple of either £50 or £20, and complete the booking.

On the 'thank you' screen there is a PayPal button. Select the amount (£50 or £20) and click 'Pay Now'. Once you are on PayPal you can specify a multiple of that amount if required.

If this doesn't work out as intended, you can still pay by another method: please just let us know.

If this booking is covered by the payment associated with a previous booking, or if you have a complimentary place, please explain in the space below.
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